Q: Where can I buy ScubaMax dive gear?

ScubaMax dive gear is only available through Authorized ScubaMax Dealers.

Q: Why should you buy from an authorized dealer?

Please be aware that not every business that advertises and sells ScubaMax branded products is an Authorized ScubaMax Dealer. Unauthorized retailers offering ScubaMax products acquire those products through unknown sources. Products purchased through unauthorized retailers are considered third party sales and are not eligible for ScubaMax warranty protection, service, or support.

Q: What is the best way to determine equipment size and fit?

ScubaMax provides size charts on this website to assist with getting the proper fit.

Q: How do I register my new dive equipment?

The most efficient way to register your product is via our online Production Registration on this website. Product Registration can be found under the "support" button at the top menu.

Q: How do I buy repair parts for my ScubaMax product?

It is our policy only to sell repair parts to authorized Dealers. There are no exceptions to this policy.