When ScubaMax was founded in 1993, our goal was to provide both recreational and professional divers alike with the highest quality scuba diving equipment available --- at unusually affordable prices.  We have never betrayed this maxim! Each year we’ve introduced new products to our already comprehensive equipment line.  Our engineers have been busy creating new products using advanced materials, with focus on performance, technology, durability and style.

No other scuba diving company offers so many truly outstanding models, at such value in every category.  At ScubaMax, 2011 will be remembered as a landmark year for product innovations. We hope you will share our enthusiasm.


AF-01 Defog
BC-3000 Versa
FN-320 Mach II Turbo
GA-06 Three-Gauge Console
GV-704 3mm SupraTex
HDX53 5/3mm
MK-101 Aria
MK-103 Spider Eye
MK-112 Seastar
MK-113 Aspen
MK-121 Navigator (Medium)
MK-122 Focus
MK-138 Xterra
MK-150 Silicone Fishermask
MK-280 Legacy
MK-303 Camouflage
SK-206 Centrino
SK-211 Stalker
SK-237 Viper
SK-512 Malin